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Palm Beach Progressive Sunglass Reader (Multi Focal)
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Product Description

This new progressive lens concept has never before been available in an over-the-counter priced sunglass reader. It is amazing how well your eyes will adjust to the progressive lenses. They will work well for reading, computer work and over-the-desk distance. Many people need readers who do not need distance correction or perhaps just a bit of distance correction. The Palm Beach Progressive Sun Reader (multi focus) comes in black and tortoise. Lenses are 100% UV protected. Frame Measurements: 5 3/8" x 1 5.8" (temple to temple x height of lens) The power listing refers to the "range" of powers that are available within the lens; think of progressive lens as a seamless reading lens that has embedded powers from top to bottom. It's not like a bifocal or trifocal, where there's only fixed powers defined by the "lines" in the lens. Multi Focals have powers that are all between the listed powers.